About us

Master Franchise have owned and operated Eagle Boys Pizza in India. In July 2016 Eagle Boys Dial-a-Pizza Australia (our Franchisor at the time) was put into voluntary administration, Due to the strength of Eagle Boys in India we were able to keep trading and Eagles Pizza was born.

Continuing on with the same values of our great tasting pizzas are created with care by a team of pizza Professionals. Here’s the scoop on what’s cooking in our kitchens on a daily basis, we are Fresh Made, Fresh Hand Sliced Veggies, Fresh Baked, Fresh Pizza, Our stores do not keep frozen dough at all, and It all starts with Fresh, we come in early to Make our fresh dough 3 times in a day from our secret recipe in every store. (We use Gluten free Wheat flour). The dough is aged 30-90 minutes (proofing/fermentation step) to allow the dough to rise develop each Crust’s characteristic flavor and texture. We use 100% secret recipe of Mozzarella cheese, our veggie toppings are picked in the Morning every store and hand slice our veggies (Never frozen veggies). Our flavorful sauce is made with 100% tomatoes and is freshly blended with spices and seasoning, creating our signature Sauce.

Our Mission is to offer the finest freshest quality gourmet foods and Gluten free products. All our products are fresh and made to order, we make the kind of pizza that makes your mouth water and your senses celebrate. With a crust that rises to every occasion. And toppings that never cease to amaze. You select the type of fresh dough and your favorite fresh toppings. We make your pizza in matter of minutes. We offer a great variety of Pizzas, Subs, Salads, Sides, Pastas, and Desserts in a friendly and casual atmosphere. Our guests are able to see their pizza made directly in-front of them, fresh and handmade; we will make sure that you will get it fresh and hot pizza that delivers. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.